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Mrs. Stewart's Home Page

Welcome!  My name is Jennifer Stewart, and I am excited to work with you this year in eighth grade English Language Arts.  While I have spent four years teaching at North, I have also worked at Philadelphia Elementary School at the other end of Loudon County and Quaker Valley Middle in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, a town just outside of Pittsburgh.  This will be my fourteenth year teaching and my ninth year teaching ELA. Take a look to the right to learn more information about our class.
Due to the closure for illness, we encourage our students to practice some at-home learning opportunities in order to keep their brains in top shape. Below is this week's practice schedule for English Language Arts. Remember that these are optional activities.  However, we strongly encourage students to participate in each subject area throughout the week in order to maintain academic endurance and some sense of schedule.
Closed for Illness Brain Stretching Activities: 







IXL practice

8th grade U.2

8th grade DD.2 & DD.4

8th grade GG.3,

9th grade D.1

9th grade H.1 & L.1

9th grade L.2

Reading Practice

“Harrison Bergeron”


Nearpod: TOMPC



One Noteà Closed for Illnessà Korea

“Nice Kids Finish First”


Nearpod: MLFWA

“Waitangi Day”


One Noteà Closed for Illnessà Waitangi Day

“The Necklace”


Nearpod: QUDZM

Assessment (Socrative Room)






I will miss you all!  Stay safe, and I'll see you soon.
Want to add to the home-from-school-for-three-weeks-but-can't-really-go-anywhere fun?  Complete five in a row on this bingo board and win a couple of pieces of candy when we return to school. You can email me a picture of the completed board, or complete a digital version and send me the file.  Either way works.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your time while we're on break!


More than any assignment or task, I recommend that you read for enjoyment at this time. Indeed, no activity has been proven to increase capability in students more than reading itself. On that note, please check out these resources on weekends or during any free time:

  1. This website has made ALL its audio books FREE during school closures. Come on; we know you have headphones in already. Just press “play!” LINK:




Books I think you will like, though I have not read all of these myself yet:

  • The Unexpected Everything, by Morgan Matson. This is for my students wanting a feel-good read about family- you know, the people you are now stuck with- and doing the most with time together at home.
  • A Little History of the World, by E. H. Gombrich. This is for my students who miss Social Studies with Mr. Harris (who doesn’t?) and would like a little perspective right now about other trials and successes the world has faced.
  • Squint, by Chad Morris. Wishing you had a really special talent right now or working on building one with all your time? This is for you. It is about compassion, Middle School, and comics—perfect!
  • The Tempest, by William Shakespeare. Did you like feeling like you understood a guy who lived 400 years ago? This is an awesome play brought to life by voice actors, so you CAN understand it. It also begins with people who have been trapped for 12 years. Relatable?
  • Persuasion, by Jane Austen. This is a classic. It is one of my favorite books ever. Just read it.


  1. Not into audio books or don’t have great internet service? Loudon County Public Library has begun curbside pick up service, meaning they will meet you at your car if you call or email ahead with requests for books or DVDs. Here is how you contact Miss Kate at the Library:

Phone: 865-458-3161

Here is the link to search what they have:


I also highly recommend journaling about this unique experience. It has never happened before in our lifetime. You have an incredible brain and an interesting opinion. We would never have the incredible Diary of Anne Frank if a thirteen-year-old hadn’t journaled for her own mental health! Some methods for this are:

  1.        Pen and paper. What?! Yes, it will work, and it will be great.
  2.        YouTube—you already know how to use it.
  3.        Visual learner? Make a comic strip at for free.
  4.        Audio or social learner? Interview others and record it for the Library of Congress at This app walks you through the interview process and stores your amazing interview in the actual Library of Congress!