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Amanda Bruce » Spring 2020

Spring 2020

I miss all of you so much!! 
We all really need to continue practicing our math facts while we are out. You can practice facts in many ways. Use the sites below, make flash cards, memory games, cooking, competition with friends over the phone or face time, and with your family. 
I challenge you to create your own math game. This is your chance to get creative and have fun using math facts and vocabulary while designing your game. I would love for you to bring them when we get back to school and share them with our class and teach us how to play. I can't wait to see what you create!! 
Make your own deck of cards.
While playing cards and making math questions out of the cards is fun, you can also take it to the next level by creating your own math problems on playing cards. Just take an old deck of cards and cut out pieces of paper that will cover each card entirely, or cut index cards in half or cut any paper into card shaped pieces. You could also make cards out of poster board or recycled cereal boxes.
Then create your own math or word problems.   
Turn regular board games into math games.
Pretty much any game that involves numbers can be turned into a way to practice math. Yahtzee is an easy example: As you’re rolling the dice, have students ask one another math questions based on the numbers they roll. Even the card game Uno can help with practicing math. Have students add, subtract, multiply and divide based on the the numbers on the cards.  
Dice can be used in so many different ways when it comes to math. Whether you’re practicing multiplication facts or fractions, try having students create their own math problems with the roll of the dice. They can create fractions, simple multiplication problems or even word problems using dice and then have them solve them.