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I am so happy to get a chance to know you and work with you this year! As a first step in communication, I have organized this website for you full of useful information about our classroom. You should also know that I am more commonly known as Ms. BT --a nickname from students that I quite like.


Please click on the "Syllabus" link to the right of this page in order to read about my classroom expectations and units in detail.


Click on the "Links" link to the right of this page in order to check out resources for study, review, or makeup work.


Please feel free to email any questions or concerns to continue consistent and open communication between my classroom and your home. Conferences are set up through the office.


Wow! I miss my students so much during the closure for COVID-19; I am praying that you are well and safe at home. Read on to find out about resources I am making for you.
Due to the closure for illness, we encourage our students to practice some at home learning opportunities in order to keep their brains in top shape. This work is completely optional. My only goal is to provide great educational resources and maintain a supportive role in this difficult time.
For the remainder of the school year (whether we are closed or not), we will be doing a novel study of Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. You can obtain a copy of this by ordering on Amazon (less than 10 dollars):, checking with local libraries, several of which are offering curb side service by bringing books to your car, or you can also download the full pdf file of the text at:   (and attached in pdf file) or use the online Genius Annotated Version of TKAM-all chapters:
I will also be doing a video series to provide read aloud service of this entire novel to any student who would like it. In the videos, you can listen and read along. You can access the introduction to these videos on the video link on this cite and on my private YouTube channel Chapter 1 read aloud can be found here:
Click on the pages to the right of this page to look at work for each week that we are closed for illness. They are labeled by date. Generally, we will be pacing by reading a chapter a day. You can read more or less if you like. Again, this work is optional. Access the comprehension questions that go with each chapter by going to Nearpod at and using the code listed in each week's assignment page to the right, OR you can obtain a paper copy of the comprehension questions from the school on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 9am to 1pm. Again, to do this, you must contact Mrs. Lowery at or call 865-986-9944 extension 4801.
I will also be hosting a Zoom video call for all students to join on Fridays at 4 pm. I will release the link to join the weekly Zoom call through email, the weekly work pages to the right of this page, and my Remind app. These video calls will include discussion over that week's suggested reading assignments. 
Additionally, I will host remote "office" hours on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-2pm. Of course, you can email me or message through the Remind app anytime, and I will reply as soon as possible. During these hours, however, I will make an extra effort to be available and to focus on this novel study and resources.
If you have no access to the work listed above, get a packet of assigned work on different 8th grade ELA texts from the school on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 9am to 1pm. To do this, you must contact Mrs. Lowery at or call 865-986-9944 extension 4801.

I hope you will sincerely enjoy the novel study that we are embarking on! I hope to see you all very soon and that you will be healthy and safe at home.



Ms. BT




More than any assignment or task, I recommend that you read for enjoyment at this time. Indeed, no activity has been proven to increase capability in students more than reading itself. On that note, please check out these resources on weekends or during any free time:

  1. This website has made ALL its audio books FREE during school closures. Come on; we know you have headphones in already. Just press “play!” LINK:

Books I think you will like, though I have not read all of these myself yet:

      • The Unexpected Everything, by Morgan Matson. This is for my students wanting a feel-good read about family- you know, the people you are now stuck with- and doing the most with time together at home.
      • A Little History of the World, by E. H. Gombrich. This is for my students who miss Social Studies with Mr. Harris (who doesn’t?) and would like a little perspective right now about other trials and successes the world has faced.
      • Squint, by Chad Morris. Wishing you had a really special talent right now or working on building one with all your time? This is for you. It is about compassion, Middle School, and comics—perfect!
      • The Tempest, by William Shakespeare. Did you like feeling like you understood a guy who lived 400 years ago? This is an awesome play brought to life by voice actors, so you CAN understand it. It also begins with people who have been trapped for 12 years. Relatable?
      • Persuasion, by Jane Austen. This is a classic. It is one of my favorite books ever. Just read it.
2. Not into audio books or don’t have great internet service? Loudon County Public Library has begun curbside pick up service, meaning they will meet you at your car if you call or email ahead with requests for books or DVDs. Here is how you contact Miss Kate at the Library:

Phone: 865-458-3161

Here is the link to search what they have:


3. I also highly recommend journaling about this unique experience. It has never happened before in our lifetime. You have an incredible brain and an interesting opinion. We would never have the remarkable Diary of Anne Frank if a thirteen-year-old hadn’t journaled for her own mental health! Some methods for this are:

        • Pen and paper. What?! Yes, it will work, and it will be great.
        • YouTube—you already know how to use it.
        • Visual learner? Make a comic strip at for free.
        • Audio or social learner? Interview others and record it for the Library of Congress at This app walks you through the interview process and stores your amazing interview in the actual Library of Congress!

My final recommendation is that you PLEASE join my remind service for messaging. Directions can be found in the link to the right of this page.


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