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Amber Young » Social Studies Review Tools BLT-Blended Learning Technology

Social Studies Review Tools BLT-Blended Learning Technology

Industrialism/Guilded Age/Westward Expansion BLOOKET Test Review
Tennessee History
Blooket for TN in Civil War and Reconstruction Test (PLAY ME 1st)
Quizlet over 5.26/5.27 Indigenous People and Settlements in TN
Quizlet over 5.28 Tennessee American Indian Tribes
Quizlet over 5.29 Cumberland Gap and Wilderness Road
Practice Quizizz for Test 1 5.26-5.29
Quizlet over Key People in Early TN Settlement
Tennessee History for Kids
Statehood and Early TN History (Around 1796-1849)
Quizlet over Watauga Settlement 5.30
Quizlet over the Cumberland Settlements 5.31
Quizlet over Overmountain men 5.32
Quizlet over the Lost State of Franklin 5.33 and 5.34
Quizlet over Tennessee Becomes a State 5.35 and 5.36
Quizlet over War of 1812 5.37 and 5.38
Practice Quizizz for Test 2 over 5.30-5.37
Quizlet over Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears 5.39
Quizlet over Influential Tennesseans 5.40
Quizizz over Historic People in TN history 1769-1850
Tennessee in the Civil War Era (1850s-1900)
Map of TN Civil War battles
Civil War Battle descriptions
Tour of Battlefields
Quizlet over Civil War in TN 5.41-5.42
Quizlet over Civil War in TN 5.43-5.46
Quizizz over TN 5.40-5.46
Quzizz over TN 5.43-5.46
US History
Quizlet over Industrialization 5.01
Quizlet over Westward Expansion 5.02
Quizlet over Gilded Age 5.03
Quizlet over Inventors and Entrepreneurs 5.04-5.06
Quizizz over Progressive Era and 16th-19th amendments 5.09 and 5.47 for quiz 12/9
3rd 9 Weeks January 2021
3rd 9 Weeks Review 1
3rd 9 Weeks Review 2
3rd 9 Weeks Review 3
3rd 9 Weeks Review 4
WW1, Roaring 1920s, The Depression, New Deal
5.49 TN People in WW1
5.14 Roaring Twenties
Great Depression and New Deal
WW1 Causes
Roaring Twenties
Quizizz for Test
5.17 Axis Power Government in 1930s
5.18  Pearl Harbor and Internment Camps
5.19 Allied and Axis Power
5.20 Holocaust

5.49 TN impact/involvement in WW2

5.22 Post WWII

4th 9 Weeks


Cold War and Civil Rights Movement Review Quizlet

5.51 Tennessee's Music Industry

5.52 Influential Tennesseans in 20th Century

5.53 Tennessee's 3 Grand Divisions