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Welcome back to school!  I am looking forward to this school year and helping you to become successful in Social Studies.  This year will be my 13th year teaching at North Middle School and my 23rd year teaching.   I hope that you come ready to learn and give your best effort.  Together we will make this our best year.
School Closing for COVID-19 
Dear 5th grade Social Studies Parents,
I hope you are well.  During this school closing for illness, I have added some IXL's to my lengthy Quizlet reviews to help review information and keep it fresh in your student's brain.  These are optional activities, but are also helpful.  I look forward to seeing you soon.  Stay healthy.
Carla Thompson
IXL : Government K1, K2, K3;  20th Century American HIstory: J1 - 4 = WWI, J5 & J6 - Great Depression, J7 = New Deal, J8 & J9 WWII.
Dear Parents and Students,
I miss you and can not wait until I see you again.  I hope you are doing well and staying safe.  I have a weeks worth of lessons for you with fun and exciting activities.  These are optional, but for those of you that complete them, please email them to me.  My email is  
Complete Quizizz of 3rd 9 weeks exam most missed items.  Go to and join using code 629321
Nearpod code Go to and put in Code PIQAJ or click on this link. 
Civil Rights Nearpod Go to Nearpod and put in code VLAEZ or click on link.
Quizizz on Civil Rights. Go to and join using code 898884
Continue on Civil Rights
Go to and follow the tutorial movie at the bottom of this page.
Block 1A and 1B your code is Hughes98429 password is Thompson121.
Block 2A and 2B your code is Ellsworth38620 password is Thompson121.
Block 3A and 3B your code is Rutledge54551 password is Thompson121.
3 activites: Nashville sit is, Ruby Bridges interview, Diane Nash interview with mayor
Government Nearpod Log on to and put in codeUAEKP or click on this link.
IXLs on government K1, K2, K3
Continue Government lesson
Quizizz on government Log on to and type in this code 716453
All links will be added to my webpage and I will send out daily on remind.