North Middle School

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Resources and Activities While at Home

I hope everyone is staying well and enjoying some family time! I'm sure you all miss seeing your friends and teachers. I miss you all terribly!! Below is a list of things you can be doing while at home. None of them is mandatory. Please feel free to email me or send me a remind and let me know how you all are! If you have any questions- do not hesitate! I love you all very much!! 
*If you would like to begin the novel that we would have been reading in class you can find the audio on youtube. It is Percy Jackson. The Lightening Thief. 
*Feel free to take some of the following Quizizzes: If you would like, you can email me your scores! 
* If you are wanting to work on some ELA skills: Do the following IXLS
-Context Clues
- Making inferences
-Author's Purpose
- Theme
- Central Idea 
* Nearpods 
For Comprehension and Inferencing:
Hop on Read Theory and complete as many quizzes as you can. With the goal of making 90%