North Middle School

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My name is Ms. Pritchett and this is my 10th year teaching math at North Middle! I am eager to get to know your child and partner with you to ensure that they have an exceptional experience in my classroom this year. I set very high expectations for each of my students and fully expect them to be met each day. Positive reinforcements are more common in my classroom than negative consequences. However, if a student repeatedly falls short of my expectations for them, there will be consequences (tickets, loss of group privileges, etc.). I find that with my emphasis on positive reinforcement and encouragement, I do not rely heavily on these negative consequences. Your child will experience a variety of instructional methods throughout the year (individual, group work, technology-enhanced, hands-on, etc.). I love teaching math, and I hope to pass that love on to your child this year. Together we can work to provide your child with a year full of growth, fun, learning, and overcoming the challenges that they are presented with. Here’s to a great year‼!