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Good evening!  I hope that you are all staying healthy during this extended break.  I wanted to send you a list of resources that you can use to keep your brains fresh while we are out of school.  Below is the list of assignments and resources that you can use during this time. 
1.  ALEKS Assignments- Each student already has several ALEKS assignments that have been specifically assigned to them based on their 9-weeks exams.  When accessing ALEKS from home, be sure to go to the program through my webpage (click on the math book link).  If students do not access the program through my webpage, their username and login will not work.   
2.  IXL Skills- I have starred several skills that can be used as review for TN Ready.  Please keep in mind that these are optional skills that you can use to keep your math skills sharp!  The IXL skills that should be starred are: E8, E11, G16, G18, H10, H15, K6, K7, K10, M8, M9, M10, M12, R2, R18, S6, T7, W4, W17, AA5, AA6, AA7, AA11, AA17, BB16, CC2, CC4, DD2, DD3, DD6 .  When you log in to the IXL program, you should see stars next to each of these optional IXL topics.  
3.  Quizlet Study Cards- A link to a list of Quizlet study cards can be found on my webpage.  You can access these study card sets to practice various review skills to help you prepare for TN Ready.  Look through the list of study cards and choose the skills that you need to practice the most. 
Please feel free to reach out via e-mail with any questions that you have or any issues that come up when trying to access these review materials.  Stay healthy!!!
I will be available for office hours via email: Tuesday & Thursday 12 -2
Welcome to 7th grade math!!! It is my pleasure to work with and get to know you this year. Throughout this class, students will be covering a range of materials from Ratios and Proportions, Expressions and Equations, Pre-Algebra, Data and Statistics, and much more!!!! It is my goal that through these concepts, students will also become great thinkers and problem solvers!
1st Block      8:05 - 9:38
2nd Block     9:42 - 11:15 (Specials)
3rd Block    11:19 - 1:22
Lunch          12:00 - 12:30
4th Block      1:26 - 3:00