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Welcome to Mrs.Cole's home page. 
About Me
My name is Alyssa Cole, and I teach 7th grade English at North Middle School. I have your son or daughter in my class this year. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and tell you more about my class.
   I have been teaching for 20 years.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from Maryville College.  I majored in English with a minor in Secondary Education.  I love English and especially love to read.  I love to make learning fun.  We will have lots of fun reading and writing.  I am looking forward to a fabulous year! 
My Website
Please see the right side of this page for tabs containing important information for my classes. 

9 weeks exam study topics:


Two part questions-give evidence to support part 1


How does this section affect the story?

Author’s perspective

Context clues

Independent/Dependent clause


What is the best way to rewrite this sentence?

Text structure


Point of view



Placement of modifiers

Run-on sentences

Read Theory Class Codes

1st block:  MUJK7UBY


3rd block:  HG99QSCK


4th block:  BXKGMV8J