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Welcome to the Behavior Intervention Classroom web page 2019-2020!
Week two: March 23-27 I am very thankful my class is small and I can text with parents to keep up with how you are each processing this extended spring vacation! Please know how much I, along with Mrs. Kim and Mrs Terry, miss seeing your happy faces and interacting with you each day. I am adding some more post below for you to engage in online learning. This week we will again not be taking any grades. However, I hope you will read at least 20 minutes each day to someone. Practice math money and times skills like we do in the classroom morning packets. Now clink on the links below and engage your mind and see what you can learn today!
We miss you and look forward to seeing you soon! 
Mrs. Bledsoe, Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Terry 
Click on "Posts" to see links I have added for your to use during your time off. 
Week one: March 16-20 Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 virus, our school is closed through April 3, 2020. Please view the attached websites and fun options for learning that are optional. No grades will be taken. This is a means to keep your mind engaged in the learning process while we are apart for this time.
Math: we have been practicing our skills of counting back change. Set up a store with items from your pantry or video games and make a price tag for them. With play money or real money, add the items you are purchasing, give the "store clerk" your money, and count back the correct change. Also practice your multiplication facts!
Reading: Take 20 minutes each day and read to your a family member. Let them ask you questions or you ask them questions about what you read. Make a delicious cake and read and measure the ingredients! 
Science: Make a graph of the weather highs and lows each day. We can share those with the class when you return. Calculate the percent of days we have sun and rain. 
Social Studies: As the COVID-19 virus is discussed on TV. Reflect back to our regions unit and picture the state they are talking about and the region it is in. Remember the continents we learned and think about the international countries being discussed and which continent it is part of. 
Click on "Posts" to see links I have added for your to use during your time off. 
I sure miss you all and hope we are back in school in time to earn our treats for our Easter bags! Wash your hands, read often, enjoy this time off and I'll see you soon!  Mrs. Bledsoe
Please place these important dates on your calendar!
March 16 - April 3 - Closed for COVID-19
April 10-13 - Friday-Monday Easter Break (No School)
May 15- Friday Last day of classes ½ day of school; buses will run
Mrs. Bledsoe
Mrs. Kim
Mrs. Terry