North Middle School

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Virtual Guidance


We want all of our students and families to know we are still here to help and support in any capacity that we are able. Our individual teacher pages have resources that coincide with our direct services that we are able to provide when school is in session. We will utilize this tab to update with resources relevant to working virtually.


We encourage our students and families to email us anytime while school is closed if you need anything at all. It is of the utmost importance to us that you feel cared for and supported.

Ms. Tilley can be reached at, and Mrs. Harris can be reached at

If you are feeling worried, anxious, or stressed during this time, that is completely normal. Change and uncertainty can be very hard. There are a lot of unknowns and questions which lead to fear. We hope to continue providing support to our students and families even when we are not able to be at school. Know that you are never alone, and there are lots of options for support, guidance, and help during this time. Care for Your Coronavirus Anxiety is a great resource for parents and guardians as well as students specifically related to anxiety surrounding the coronavirus. You will find links to common anxieties related to this situation in addition to resources for coping with this situation.
You may be feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the thought of participating in virtual learning. Teachers will reach out to you with optional educational activities to help students continue their education even when we are away from the school building. The PDF below offers tips for students and their families entering the world of virtual learning for the first time.