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Mrs. Heather Jones » Mrs. Jones' ART CLASS!!

Mrs. Jones' ART CLASS!!

Hi, I'm Mrs. Heather Jones, and I'm really excited to be at North Middle School as your new art teacher!  I enjoy drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, woodworking, metalsmithing, jewelry making, special effects makeup, and costuming.  I moved here from the Wisconsin/Illinois border and am really enjoying living in Tennessee.  I hope to provide diverse and challenging projects to all my students and to really have a fun and creative year.  Please contact me by email any time!!

Art Class Objectives

  • Understand and apply the elements and principles of art.
  • Apply problem-solving skills to artistic assignments.
  • Recognize and analyze design elements
  • Understand art as it applies to ethical, cultural, and societal issues.
  • Research historical contents in art.
  • Recognize the role and function of art all around us.
  • Discover career opportunities that relate to graphic and visual arts.
  • Discover relationships among art, technology, and other discipline environments.
Art Class Wish List:
Glue sticks
Paper towels
Pencil sharpeners
Extra fine point Sharpies
Masking tape