North Middle School

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Lesson Plans

Due to the closure for illness, we encourage our students to practice some at home learning opportunities in order to keep their brains in top shape. Below are some opportunities I would encourage my students to complete by April 5th.
Closed for Illness Brain Stretching Activities: 
1.  Complete your IXL Homework Assignment (these are starred in IXL:  D.4, K.4, K.5, U.1, Z.3, Z.5, Z.6, AA.4)
2.  Complete some reading practice with quizzes in Socrative.  You can access these texts in your One Note by following this path:  One Note--> Closed for Illness tab--> Each story has a page.
The story page title tells you which room to go into for the Socrative quiz.  These will remain open for the duration of the break.
I will miss you all!  Stay safe, and I'll see you soon.
Want to add to the home-from-school-for-three-weeks-but-can't-really-go-anywhere fun?  Complete five in a row on this bingo board and win a couple of pieces of candy when we return to school. You can email me a picture of the completed board, or complete a digital version and send me the file.  Either way works.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your time while we're on break!
Additional at-home resources during the closure: