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Distance Learning Optional Review- Spring 2020

Number the Stars Novel Study
Number the Stars
This novel study is broken down by chapters with skills and supplemental reading. The best part is that students will be doing all this via Nearpod. I have the suggested days these were given in the PDF lesson plans in the right-hand column of this webpage, but students can begin this novel study WHENEVER THEY WANT! However, since it is a novel study, students have to begin with the first one and work their way down. ENJOY!
Number the Stars Novel Study Nearpod codes.
  • Background Knowledge- EVCXQ
  • Chapter 1- XFGQC
  • Chapter 2- ASJOW
  • Chapter 3- PCAZN
  • Chapter 4- AHOLK
  • Chapter 5- GBOFI
  • Chapter 6- BFOAL
  • Chapter 7- WBQJF
  • Chapter 8- TFSLO

  • Chapter 9- JWVGE

  • Chapter 10- EFTWS

  • Chapter 11- VGASC

  • Chapter 12- GHOSU
  • "Underground Railroad"/ Number the Stars Comparison- JUZSM
  • Chapter 13- YEMHV
  • "Little Red Riding Hood"/ Number the Stars Comparison- MDZYJ
  • Chapter 14- SJDEY
  • Chapter 15- JWGRY
  • Chapter 16- IYCSH
  • "Courage in Denmark"/ Number the Stars Comparison- FBVHK
  • Chapter 17- IJLTG
  • "It is for You to Forgive.../ Number the Stars Comparison- NDQJA
  • Afterword- IYHVG
  • "The Terrible Things"/ Number the Stars Comparison- EGHOB
  • Miracle at Midnight/ Number the Stars Comparison- IYHVG

Dear 5th grade ELA Parents and Students,work


Hello! I hope that everyone is staying well.  I wanted to share a list of resources and my recommended items for review while we are closed for illness.  Please know that these are OPTIONAL resources that are available for your student(s) to use as review to keep their brains fresh during this time. 


Before we left for break, students received an IXL sheet they needed to complete by today. This sheet was designed to help students with the specific skills they missed. If they brought it home, I suggest they complete those first as they are student-specific. However, we obviously were not planning on this, so your student can complete the list below for extra review if he or she did not bring that list home.


Your student knows his or her IXL log-in and password/ Read Theory and can access the following assignments (The goal of any Read Theory or IXL is 85% or more.): 


Informational Text

  • Read Theory
  • Understanding- IXL A.1, A.2, N.1, N.2
  • Text structure-  IXL D.1-5


Literature and Literary Devices

  • I have attached a novel study sheet a few students decided to do as an enrichment activity. If your students has a book he or she is reading, they can pick one activity per vertical column to practice reading skills and get their creativity going as most of these activities do not require a device!
  • Figurative language- IXL F.1-4
  • Analyzing- IXL M.1-3
  • Inferences- IXL H.1-3



  • Context Clues- IXL EE.1-3
  • Idioms- IXL CC.1 and 3
  • Synonyms and antonyms- IXL Y.1-4
  • Quizlet practice of past vocabulary words (link found on my Homework Help page)


Grammar- the best way to practice grammar sometimes is the IXL “skill and drill,” so I am suggesting a blanket of the ones students can study, and they can choose the ones that haven’t mastered.

  • Frequently confused words- IXL U.1-2
  • All/ any of the following IXLs- GG, HH, KK, LL, NN, OO, QQ, RR, SS


Remember to advise your student to not spend too long on any one activity. You can always stop and come back to it. Some may want to spend time on what comes easiest, and if you are choosing to have them review, they should be choosing the activities that challenge them. ;o)


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns by email.  Thank you!


Ms. Heard

March 17, 2020

bookStudents have been introduced and briefly practiced cursive, so if you have a printer at home, you can print some of these practice pages!